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"I am so relieved"

I am so relieved of stress from the divorce case it’s a marvelous feeling!

Thanks for all your hard work! :)

- Client

"Thank you for all your hard work"

Hi Bonnie,

I think that this stipulation is fair, logical, and realistic for our child presently and in the future . She won’t be put on so much stress of traveling and also now gets the opportunity to be in more extracurricular activities and also this gives her father every opportunity to be part of it an participate which would be  important to our child as well. I like the summer parenting time and for our child and it was really good of you to consider having my mother babysit while the father is working. You were not kidding about “Bonnie’s Bible” ha ha! It took me awhile to read through, but bottom line is, it’s all about our child and respect for her growth and happiness and her rights. Any parent who literally thinks of their child before their own needs would agree. Thank you for all your hard work on this! this is a wonderful plan for our child and it eliminates so much STRESS for her

- Happy Mom

"professional, punctual and caring"

The service was professional, punctual and caring.

"made everything so simple"

This was such a Godsend when we discovered your services.  Bonnie took over and made everything so simple when prior to her help everything seemed so overwhelming.  Thanks again for your help and exceptional kindness.

"knowledgeable, compassionate and expeditious"

Bonnie Humphrey is an excellent asset… She is knowledgeable, compassionate and expeditious!  Thank you!

"patient, pleasant and efficient"

I was real pleased with the way Bonnie Humphrey handled our case.  She was patient, pleasant and efficient.

"very grateful "

I’m very grateful for your help and in the manner it was expedited.

"best of the best"

Bonnie Humphrey is the best of the best.  Very helpful, sensitive and professional.

"You knew what you were doing"

You knew what you were doing and did it well!

"You are truly heaven sent"

I can’t even begin to find the words to thank you for all you’ve done for my dad.  You were so quick with the work I called you on.  You are truly heaven sent.

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