Hire North Dakota’s Trusted Child Custody Lawyers

Child support issues can be complex and difficult, especially if you do not have an attorney guiding you with specific experience in this area. Bonnie started out by practicing law at a child support unit, and makes sure that everything is correct and all appropriate deductions, additions and rebuttals are considered under the North Dakota Child Support guidelines. Since the child support units do not represent either parent, it is best to consult with child custody lawyer who will consider your particular situation carefully and completely. Some parents seek an initial consultation to review their situation before requesting a modification from the child support unit, and find it time and money well spent. Bonnie was awarded the Outstanding Individual Achievement Award from the Family Support Council in 1997, and was on the Family Support Council Board from 1997-2000. The child support guidelines and associated information for North Dakota are at www.nd.gov/dhs/services/childsupport/progserv/guidelines/guidelines. The calculator on the child support services website may or may not give you the correct child support amount for your situation and is not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney well-versed in this area of the law.

For more information about child support in North Dakota generally, see: www.nd.gov/dhs/services/childsupport. If you are a military parent called to active duty, see www.nd.gov/dhs/services/childsupport/parents/military for more information.