What do you do if “till death do we part” is no longer an option for you or your spouse? What if you want to “uncouple” or you found out that you both have different styles that are no longer compatible? How do you acknowledge your grief, yet move on? How do you make sure that your children are protected in the best way possible for your situation? How do you support the children? How do you support yourself? How do you handle this many-faceted family problem?

Bonnie is a well-rounded and experienced family law attorney who has had an extensive background in different situations that face couples who have grown apart, are no longer able to live together, with children or without children, in differing lifestyles and from differing economic situations. It is best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible in this situation, even if it’s simply to get some basic advice. Decisions that you make at this sensitive time in your life, when you may be emotionally drained can affect the rest of your life, and the rest of your children’s lives.

Sometimes the hardest part is to take that first step toward your new life. Call our divorce lawyer for your initial consultation so we can figure out together what kind of future you want to build, independent of your spouse or when transitioning to co-parenting, to put the interests of your children first.

Further general information about divorce can be found at www.ndcourts.gov/Court/ADR/lawguide.pdf.