Guardianships and Conservatorships

Difficult times sometimes call for you to protect the one you love most.

Grandparents taking care of grandchildren can be thrust into seeking a guardianship due to issues with getting the child enrolled for school, obtaining health insurance coverage, or making decisions about the child’s residence, medical needs or other decisions. A guardianship can help you to make those decisions and obtain the necessary authorizations and approval accepted by schools and insurance companies.

You may be taking care of an adult member of your family or a dear friend, and need to make difficult decisions on their behalf because they no longer have the capacity to do so. They may need someone to make financial decisions as well; for example, they may no longer be able to manage their accounts, property or assets and need someone to look out for them so that they do not become the victim of financial exploitation, which happens in these situations if the person you care about does not have someone like you to care for them. There may be other reasons a guardianship is the best solution to your problem, and talking about the situation at an initial consultation will help you make those decisions. Bonnie has extensive experience in helping you sort out whether a guardianship, conservatorship or both are appropriate, or whether a less restrictive means of caring for your family member or friend will work instead.

Further information about guardianship and conservatorship can be found here: LINK