Parental Alienation and Investigation Attorney in Minot, Ward County

Sometimes you simply need an independent point of view to help you and the other parent figure out what’s best for your children. Sometimes the Court needs another opinion, and it’s difficult and expensive to gather all the people, professionals and resources that are needed to give an overall picture of what would be best for the children in one place. Court time is valuable and a parenting investigator can help give an independent view into the situation faced by the children on many different levels. A parenting investigator can make a Report to the Court about their interviews with all the people who are with the children on a regular basis, review medical information, grades and put all that information together so that the parents and/or the Court have a more complete picture of the situation, without having to have all those people testify, or having to have the children testify during such a painful time. Bonnie has that training, and is on the Parenting Investigator roster for North Dakota. More information about parenting investigations can be found here and