Hire Our Adoption Attorney For Legal Proceedings

Adopting children is one of the most rewarding, happy and brilliant ways to add to your family. Whether it is a stepparent adoption, open or closed adoption, or a special needs adoption, our adoption lawyer is here for you and would be more than honored to represent you during this incredibly special time in your life.

Bonnie participates as an adoption attorney working with the AASK program. Every child is special and deserves to be loved by a parent who will be there for them consistently and develop sacred bonds with them. Adoptive parents create a sacred contract with their chosen child that resonates throughout their family, their community and beyond. For more information about adoption in North Dakota, see nd.gov/dhs/services/childfamily/adoption/typesnd.gov/dhs/services/childfamily/fostercare/opps. The North Dakota Heart Gallery if you want to adopt a special child is at ndheartgallery.org/meet-the-children.