Collaborative Divorce

When you and your spouse want to put your best plan together to co-parent constructively during and after a divorce, sometimes the best thing to do is to figure out a better way. Collaborative divorce is a process you control, and one where you take the time to do just that, with your best selves acting as a team to co-parent your children to the best of each of your abilities.

The court does not have to be involved until you are ready to file your final agreement for confirmation by the Court. You choose your “dream team” and collaborate with these hand-picked professionals to access the best thoughts, and the best of each parent.

You determine what’s best for you instead of waiting for a judge’s decision, and a possible appeal. You both agree that you prefer not to go to trial, and use your resources in a wiser, more careful way – to the benefit of both of you, and your children. The professionals who might be on your “dream team” include attorneys, a mediator, child specialist, financial advisor, divorce coach or other professionals that you trust.

Bonnie is a member of the North Dakota Collaborative Divorce Group, the Collaborative Divorce Institute of Minnesota, and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

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