Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

Parenting when you are in different places, either mentally, physically or emotionally, can be challenging. Children having two sets of rules, two schedules, blended families and alternating holidays and vacations, summers, planning for extracurricular activities and making school events work can be challenging without a guide. Miscommunication between you and the other parent can make the children’s lives even more difficult than having two homes. A parenting plan that addresses as many of the details, or as few details, can be developed to meet your individual situation and needs of the children, as well as any gifted or special needs they may have in a way that respects both of your rights, but more importantly, respects the rights and concerns of each child. Bonnie has developed parenting plans for families that have helped them through difficult times, even when one or both parents have issues with alcohol, drug use, or other problems. Bonnie also addresses issues regarding establishment of parenting rights and responsibilities, reviewing plans to ensure that they grow with the child, modifications or amendments and enforcement. Parenting time is also important to address as part of your parenting plan. No form from the internet can replace the experience and advice of an attorney who loves this area of the law, and how it affects your children. Come in for your initial consultation and learn all about “Bonnie’s Bible” and how you can develop your own solutions.